Cleaning out your cabinet can lead to a clearer mind and even a clearer complexion

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Monday 8 August 2020

When it comes to the best skincare products to use, we never seem to be able to run out of a list- The sun lotions! Sheet masks! The antioxidant-packed serums and so on. With many routines beginning to feel superfluous, many of us have whittled down our usage to just a handful of hero products.


So, which ones have we chosen? Our hero products boast a loyal group of followers that completely believe in the product and that it delivers on its mission. In this blog post, we will be sharing our top 4 best selling products with you- the ones that keep you coming back over and over, those products that we believe that you can’t live without.


These top 5 products of ours define us as a brand and would be changing your skincare game forever.


Topping our list is the Radiance Body Balm, an amazing product that is enriched with Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Grapeseed Oil making it a one tube wonder created to relieve the skin’s dryness, actively tone and restore the skin’s radiance by improving its elasticity.

 This body balm is the true definition of  ‘radiance in a jar’ and it is the most indulgent post-shower treat that cloaks your skin in a creamy, woody scent.


 little quantity goes a long way in pampering your skin. When applied, it runs smoothly over your skin… non-oily, non-drying and the essential oil scent is very subtle.

 -   Gail Jamieson, Customer.

Often overlooked but joyfully making a renaissance, Oils are now being reaffirmed as much more than just a sweet scent. This assertion is what would bring our next product into the list- Our Ginger and Juniper Shea Body Oil.


This bottle of sweetness brings instant comfort to a tired body and a few drops of this spicy goodness can help to decrease fatigue and increase focus- thanks to its ingenious warming properties, including vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. If a mood boost wouldn’t be all that you require, you will also benefit from soothing muscles and moisture drenched skin.


I LOVE the body oil… Just a little quantity holds a whole lot of goodness.

 -  Juliee Awoor Gordon, Customer.


It is the season of beards but the difference is in the way you treat yours. We realized that both the hair and the underlying skin need some TLC too and our Woody Beard Oil will do that and some more.

Charmed by botanical extracts and vitamins, the Woody Beard Oil will condition your beard whilst nourishing the skin beneath. The potent properties even make this better- Cedarwood relieves itching and soothes acne, the fusion of Clary Sage and Black Pepper stimulates growth and revitalizes the hair, leaving it with a soft and conditioned feeling. This product is lightweight and easily absorbs into your beards giving you a warm and long-lasting aroma. 


This product is the secret for my beards looking so, so good.

 -  Kwame Badu, Youtuber


It would have been very hard to find a body wash that does a little more and goes a little deeper until the Uplifting Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Black Pepper body wash came into the picture. 

This product is powered with tested and known West African traditional ingredients- Tea Tree, crisp wild Lemongrass, and warming Black Pepper. Once worked into a lather, this indulgent mix does not only clean the skin, it also cleanses, hydrates, and actively works towards keeping it clear. This body wash will leave you with mesmerizing soft skin and an utterly divine scent.


The amazing body perfectly lifts me up to start the day, positively.

 -  Vanessa Ikpefuran, Customer


Our customers might say that we are leaving the best until the last and they would be nothing short of true. Herald the welcome of an all-natural and multipurpose vegan product.

A skin transformer. Pore minimizer. Fine line reducer.

Our Refreshing Black Soap. Pure magic in a bar. An intoxicating blend of natural exfoliates Cocoa Ash, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera that will help to repair skin damage and strengthen it. The combination of Coconut and Palm kernel oil, known for its cleansing, antibacterial and antifungal properties which are then topped with Tea Tree for its anti-inflammatory capabilities. How can we forget the double treats of Lavender and Lemongrass which acts as a natural detoxifier?

The  Refreshing Black Soap works hard with your face and body. Introduce this wonder bar into your beauty regime and you will be rewarded with softer and rejuvenated skin. This is a product that works beyond its application- it does all the hard work and actively drives to balance the skin’s natural oil levels. 

*CPSR approved- it is also jam-packed with antibacterial properties that fight to keep bacteria at bay.

I absolutely love the soap. My skin now looks a lot better without makeup- I have very sensitive skin and this product is amazing for me.

 -  Alison Hammond- TV Personality


There you have it, our 5 hero products- each one with amazing capabilities that earns them a place in your cabinet. Your skin will thank you for using our hero products.

*This product has passed the Microbial Challenge Test and Preservative Efficacy Tests, completed under the regulation Cosmetic Product Safety Report. These assessments are required under EU Cosmetic Regulation to ensure that no bacteria, fungus or any micro-organism are present or have the capacity to survive within the soaps we manufacture and sell.


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